30ml Pregnancy-Safe Facial Cleansing Oil

Made with selected carrier oils and lavender-infused jojoba oil, the Heart Tree Pregnancy-Safe Facial Cleansing Oil is the ideal make-up remover and cleanser in one.


TO USE: Apply to the palms of the hands and gently massage onto the face and neck to dissolve make-up and dirt. Wipe off with a warm, wet cloth or diluted apple cider vinegar toner. Take care not to get into the eyes.



Marula oil*, macadamia nut oil*, lavender-infused jojoba oil*, hemp seed oil*, tamanu oil*, tocopherol (natural vitamin E)


*organically produced or wildcrafted



CAUTION: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

30ml Pregnancy-Safe Facial Cleansing Oil

  • Marula oil

    • Traditionally used as a skin cleanser in Africa as it kills bacteria
    • Provides light yet deep hydration
    • Rich in antioxidants and helps to reduce redness

    Jojoba oil

    • Very similar to the skin’s own sebum and highly absorbent
    • Gently unclogs pores and helps to heal blemishes
    • As a liquid plant wax, it prevents rancidity and extends shelf-life

    Macadamia nut oil

    • Helps to moisturise the skin while balancing oil production
    • Helps speed up healing of breakouts and post-acne marks

    Tamanu oil

    • Known as the “beauty leaf oil”
    • Helps prevent blemishes and heals acne
    • Fades scars and stretchmarks

    Hemp seed oil

    • Firms and tightens skin while hydrating and without clogging pores
    • Helps to plump tired, dry skin and calm skin irritations

    Natural vitamin E oil (Non-GMO sunflower seeds)

    • Helps to lighten and smooth rough skin
    • Encourages skin cells to regenerate
    • Extends the product’s shelf-life

    Lavender flowers:

    • When infused, helps to heal wounds/acne